2022-2023 Robot

⛓️2 Chainz⛓️

Our robot is built on the swerve drive., our robot used Rev Robotics 3in MaxSwerve Modules that were powered by a total of 8 Spark Maxes for the whole drive train. A main factor in choosing Swerve Drive this year was that the Charged Up game asks the robot to zip back and forth across the field, as well as make sharp turns in and out of the community. 

For this year, we decided to innovate the Everybot robot's design. The main changes we made were; lowering the center of gravity to reduce how top-heavy it was- we don't want our robot tipping over, we also made our structure wider as we had more room d and makeo our choice of drive train- this allowed our intake to be bigger and pick up game pieces easier. We used a lot of 1"x2" aluminum, as well as Rev's Maxtubing and custom-made gussets riveted on, to hold everything together. We have a chain with sprockets on each side, powered by Neo motors with Sport Planetary gearboxes to lift the arm. We also have a piece of Lexan with piano hinges to allow the arm to bend properly.

 Our main arm intake uses Rev's 2" compliant wheels and BAG motors to pick up either cone or cube game pieces from the human player stations. We can then drop them off on the top, middle, or hybrid nodes. We decided to build a ground intake that will pick up cubes off the floor and hand it off to the main arm using 4" compliant wheels and BAG motors.

2-Chainz v. Everybot.pdf