Meet Our Robots!


Roberta is our robot for the 2022 competition season. 

Our robot is built on a tank drive, our robot has a lot of torque and is good for the push game or defensive play. Our intake has vectored wheels and compliant wheels along with belts. Additionally, our intake can both take in and regurgitate balls.  

Our intake is a 90 degree vertical hopper consisting of  10 belts with various lengths, 5 belts to lead balls from the intake to the interior hopper and 5 belts to bring the ball up to our shooter. There are compliant wheels to help with the movement.

The shooter is made with 2 pneumatic wheels with a 4” wheel spacer between. There are 3 speeds, 1 – for shooting to the low goal, 2 – for high goal shooting, and 3 – for spit (if we have the wrong color ball for the different goals). We can choose what speed we want to use based on the strategy we discussed with our alliance teammates.

We have 2 single stage climber in the boxes mounted behind our hopper. We have two servo motors with locking hooks, in case we have to stall longer at the top. We are a reliable second rung climbing team.