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Team 1591

Houston Milstein Field Finalist

Team 1591 graciously accepted team 6800's offer to join them for a finals alliance.  We are in the 5th alliance, and you can still watch the matches starting at 8:30am central

The times vary and adjust, please keep track on the field's event page

Houston Worlds

It is Thursday morning, what are you up to?
Watch us compete here: WORLDS

Houston - there is no problem, here we come... again

It is that World Championship time of year again in the FIRST Robotics space!  The Greece Gladiators Team 1591 has, again, double qualified to attend, and the team is ecstatic. 

The students on the team have been working in overdrive speed to update the robot for the competition and make upgrades to the damages caused at Tech Valley and Finger Lakes (lots of damage this year to robots across all competitions... the field design, game and other factors have caused a lot of damage to the robots and the field itself).

Travel and repairs are costly, so we have started a GoFundMe, we would appreciate any amount you can donate or please share across your social media to help get the word out.

All of the teams that qualify for Worlds are all top quality teams and robots from across the world. There are many awards that can be earned or won at local competitions such as The Woody Flowers award, won by our coach in 2023 and the Excellence in Engineering Award earned this year at Tech Valley by our team, the Greece Gladiators. Houston will be the best of the best in FIRST competition this season.

Once we learn which competition field we will be on, and our schedule, it will be posted here so you can watch us compete.

1591 Qualifies for the FIRST Houston Championship

For the 2nd year in a row, the Greece Gladiators, Team 1591, has qualified for the FIRST Championship in Houston, Texas.
The travel and expenses to bring just a portion of the team (enough skills and experience to compete), is upwards of $30,000.
We have started a GoFundMe to help pay for the students and the mentors to get to Houston and compete with Halo, our 2024 Robot. Any donation is appreciated, every little bit will help the team to achieve the goal of World Robot Domination. 

Tech Valley Regional 

The second weekend in a row, team 1591 was off to the MVP Arena in Albany for the Tech Valley Regional competition. A new batch of teams to compete with and against, along with many teams we saw at RIT.
A more experienced team and robot was put to the test over and over again. Ending Friday with a 5-2 record and a robot needing some repairs after a hard hit in our last match of the day.
Saturday started with 2 wins on the field, but no worries in the pit. Team spirit was high and running strong. We finished ranked 2nd, but was the 1st overall pick by the #1 ranked team, the RoboTigers, 1796, from Queens, New York. Together, the alliance along with Team 3181 - Pittsford Panthers and Team 9624 - Dynamiques from Longueuil, Québec, Canada rushed to the finals, undefeated. Won finals match 1, lost finals match 2 to force a deciding game 3... winner take all.
Additionally, the team was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Engineering Award, something that was no easy task with so many tremendous robots in the field.
In the end, the Alliance won match 3 to take the Albany Tech Valley Regional to the winners circle.  It was an amazing and stressful final!

Finger Lakes Regional 

The weekend started with Thursday practice rounds and acclimating the drive team and the robot to the RIT competition field.
Once the qualifying rounds began Friday morning, it was game on. We ended Friday with a 7-0 record, the most wins by any team.
Saturday, the final day of qualifiers and then the playoffs, was a little bit bumpy, but we ended the qualifying round ranked 10th. The #1 ranked team, 27 Rush from Clarkson MI selected us first in selections and the rest they say is history.  For their 2nd pick, 27 selected team 578 Fairport Robotics to complete the alliance.
The alliance was able to go undefeated in the Playoffs and capture the Finger Lakes Regional championship.

Finger Lakes Regional Competition: Starts TODAY

Please be sure to check us out starting at 8:30a today with opening ceremonies. (the link shows 2020, but it is correct and will be active by 1pm today/Thursday)

Our schedule for the day (keeping in mind the times can flex a little):
Qualification 6 Fri 3/15 - 9:40 AM 533 6868 229 1591 1559 3193
Qualification 13 Fri 3/15 - 10:36 AM 4991 639 1450 1591 229 3003
Qualification 19 Fri 3/15 - 11:24 AM 6353 870 229 1308 1591 5528
Qualification 34 Fri 3/15 - 2:28 PM 1591 1126 8595 1559 1468 3838
Qualification 40 Fri 3/15 - 3:16 PM 27 424 1591 694 1511 1405
Qualification 46 Fri 3/15 - 4:04 PM 6868 120 1591 7036 1518 1308
Qualification 58 Fri 3/15 - 5:33 PM 271 6300 3015 378 1591 340
Qualification 65 Sat 3/16 - 9:48 AM 2340 1591 7709 3799 3181 1507
Qualification 74 Sat 3/16 - 11:00 AM 6621 5740 3173 4093 694 1591

Finger Lakes Regional: Starts TODAY

Today are the practice rounds, but these are as important to the team as the finals. Every match is more knowledge and experience for every member of the team... from mechanical to scouting... and building a STEM foundation in these students and likely mapping their future career choices.
Please be sure to check us out starting at noon today (Thursday, March 14th, Pi Day) for practice day, where Halo will be seen in actual competition mode: (the link shows 2020, but it is correct and will be active by 1pm today/Thursday)

2024 Robot Reveal:

The Greece Gladiators Robotics, Team 1591, is proud to introduce our 2024 Crescendo robot. After many weeks of intense design, texting, building (and rebuilding) we have our competition ready robot all ready for the Finger Lakes Regional competition this weekend.

MVP Arena - Albany, NY
March 21-23, 2024

This year, Team 1591 will compete for the first time in the NY Tech Valley competition in Albany, NY.
Teams from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Sweden and will be participating.
Please watch us compete live:

RIT - Rochester, NY
March 13-16, 2024

Team 1591 will return to the Finger Lake Regional, at RIT's Gordon Field House again this year.

After a very successful event in 2023, we go in with high hopes and expectations for a great event.

Please watch us compete live: 

Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 2023

With a new location for the 2023 there was a renewed spirit for an amazing event and a final event for 2 Chainz before the 2024 Crescendo Kickoff coming up in January 2024.

Loading in at Nazareth University's Golisano Training Center on Saturday, October 21st, turning into the things dreams are made of.  The team was  able to win the event along with  running the robot with an all-Girls Team, and ab all-Boys Team and  still able to maintain a ranking close to the top for the entire event.

Congratulations to a well oiled team of FIRST students who came together as one solid unit of students, alumni, mentors and coaches!  

Thank you to all who were able to attend, participate and support Team 1591!

2023 Charged Up - Season Recap

Team 1591 competed in a total of 3 competitions this past season, Finger Lake Regional, Greater Pittsburgh Regional, and the FIRST  Championship

Finger Lake Regional - The Finger Lake Regional took place at Rochester Institute of Technology. We ended with a record of 8-1 after the qualification matches, we invited Team 3015, Team 3003, and Team 6868 to join our Alliance (Alliance 1). Alliance 1 was undefeated and won the blue banner. Not only that, our head coach Maressa Ranalletti was awarded the Woodie Flower Award.

Greater Pittsburgh Regional - The Greater Pittsburgh Regional took place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Team 1591's record was 8-2 after the qualification matches. We were invited to join Alliance 1 with Team 930 and Team 2656. Our alliance won the blue banner without a single loss in play-off matches. 

FIRST Championship-Houston, TX - FIRST  Championship took place at the George R. Brown Convention Center. After a rough 0-4 start, we were able to bounce back and finished our qualification matches with a record of 5-4-1. Team 1591 was invited to join Alliance 7 with Team 3539, Team 4481, and Team 2714. Alliance 7 finished our play-off journey in the semi-finals with a record of 2-2 in the playoff round.