About Us

Who We Are

The Greece Gladiators is a Robotics team based in Greece, NY. We are a team composed of students from the four high schools in Greece. We all meet at Greece Arcadia and divide ourselves into Four main teams mechanical, marketing, programming, and electrical. Each of the teams is responsible for helping build or design a different aspect of our robot. We would be nothing without our amazing sponsors as you can see on the Sponsors page.

What We Do

First Robotics pushes kids to their full potential by making them go through six grueling weeks of brainstorming a robot, building its components, and competing against teams from all around the world. This may sound too much for a "kid" but the bright young minds of our days are very capable of accomplishing this. If you wish to learn more, go to the FIRST Robotics website down below.

Our Mission

The Mission that 1591 is accomplishing is to give students a chance to obtain experience working with technology as a team to achieve a common goal. We allow students to get a look into the diverse world of technological innovation in both physical interactions like mechanical and electrical design as well as the digital edge with CAD design and programming, all of which work together in unison to not only create a robot, but also illustrate the importance of teamwork in the technological field.

Meet Our Fearless Leaders

Maressa Ranalletti

Lead Coach/Technology Teacher

Mechanical/Marketing Mentor

Jeff Tuttle

Programming Engineer

Programming Mentor

Darrin Blum

Programming Engineer

Electrical/Mechanical Mentor